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  • To help develop the musical potential of every student.
  • To provide all students with a comprehensive music program, characterised by a high level of enjoyment, excellence, involvement and success.
  • To foster a culture in which all students can experience the joys of music making through solo and ensemble settings both in and out of the class room.


  • Year 7:                    mandatory music studies
  • Year 8:                    semester elective – focus on development of performance skills
  • Years 9 and 10:     elective music
  • Years 11 and 12:    music 1 and music 2 (based on student interest)


Year 7 – Students will develop and understanding and appreciation through exploring how the musical concepts feature in a range of musical styles and genres. Students will participate in activities in Performance, Composition, and Listening throughout the year. Focus will be on developing practical skills on drums, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, and voice through a range of group and individual activities.

Year 8 – Students will develop their practical skills through focusing on an area of strength/interest. This includes both instrumental and vocal areas. The students will develop skills through exploring popular music styles and will present work in individual and group settings.

Year 9 and 10 – Elective Music course with focus on developing individual students' skills in Performance, Composition, and Listening. Studies will include both Art Music & Popular Music styles, focusing on how the concepts of music feature. There will be an overall emphasis on building key strengths in each individual student through a range of formal and informal activities in solo and group settings.

Year 11 and 12 – Students who display talent in Music will undertake senior studies with a focus on further development of their skills in Performance, Composition, Musicology, and Aural work. There will be set studies in common subject areas and the option of students exploring topics of interest. The aim is to allow each student to develop and showcase their strengths to ensure that they reach their potential.

Year 12 Music students at Belmont High have a long history of achieving outstanding HSC results in this subject area.

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