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Mathematics at Belmont High School

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Staff - Ms Kerry Thompson Head Teacher

Mrs Alex Bencke

Ms Megan Dunford

Mr Barry Eade

Mr Stephen Laurie

Ms Julieanne Makin

Mrs Linda O'Brien

Ms Carla Sugo

Ms Kim Watts

Belmont High School offers Mathematics for stage 4 (years 7 & 8) and 5 (years 9 & 10).  Stage 5 is split into three streams or levels: level 5.3 being the top for students with strong algebra skills, 5.2 for average students of Mathematics and 5.1 for students who find algebra difficult.

In the senior school the following Mathematics subjects are available: 

  • General Mathematics 
  • Mathematics (soon to be known as Advanced) 
  • Extension 1 (combined with Mathematics)
  • Extension 2 (available to top extension 1 students in their HSC year)


  1. Scientific calculators are a basic requirement of the Mathematics courses in all years and students are expected to purchase their own.  A quality, reasonably priced CASIO is available through the school office.

  2. Teachers work to ensure that students do not rely entirely on use of calculators for basic operations as recall of number facts is a necessary skill to acquire and maintain.


  • Most classes receive regular homework.  Students need to develop and maintain a regular pattern of homework completion.
  • Usually homework will be an extension of work done in class, to give more practice and reinforce that section of work.  It may involve research.     In year 7 students could expect about 15 to 20 minutes of homework most nights.  In later the years the amount will increase with the degree of difficulty of the course.
  • Students are asked to record homework requirements in their school diary in the location for the day it is set.  Students need to get into the habit of checking their diary each afternoon.


In the second half of each term testing of the recent work is done. Students should record dates and requirements in their diary.