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Visual Art


Year 7

Compulsory full year course (fee $50)

Year 8

Semester Electives ($25)

· Legal Street Art (additional $30 for skateboard deck or bring in a canvas)

Years 9-10

Two Year School Certificate Course (fee $50 per year)

Years 11-12

HSC Courses

· Visual Arts (fee $80 per year)

· Photography, Video and Digital Imaging (fee $80 per year)


Year 7

Term 1 - Splash

This unit of work exploring the theme of water as inspiration in Australian art. Artists studied include Matilda Nona, John Earle and Brett Whiteley. Artmaking focuses on producing watercolour landscapes and techniques of ink and marbling as well as and clay animals in response to the theme.

Term 2 - Portraiture

This unit of work explores the theme of portraiture, with the famous Archibald Portrait Prize a focus of study. Students gain skills and application in using graphite to create their own large-scale portrait of their chosen famous Australian.

Term 3 - Creepy Creatures

This unit of work explores the creative world of highly influential storyteller Tim Burton. Students create and develop a character with a ley literacy component and bring their creation to life with a 3D clay construction.

Term 4 - Mambo Mania

This unit of work explores the imagery of quintessential Australian brand Mambo. Students learn to emulate the drawing style and topics examined by Mambo by creating unique pages for their very own ‘Zine'.

Year 8

Legal Street Art

This unit of work explores the world of artists who employ techniques such as stencilling, large-sale murals and street art design. Featured artists include Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Australian muralist Adnate. Students will learn colour theory, street art lettering styles and stencil cutting. This knowledge will culminate in the design of a major work to be created on a surface such as a skateboard deck (additional $30 to purchase at the office) or a canvas.

Year 9

SEMESTER 1 - Detective of Perspective

This unit of work explores the application of perspective and the arrangement of composition in artworks. Featured artists include Australians Danie Mellor, Jeffrey Smart and Peter Booth as well as Vincent Van Gogh. Student learn to draw using traditional points of perspectives, acquire photographic techniques and develop the application of ink and charcoal.

SEMESTER 2 - Cabinet of Curiosity

This unit of work explores the historical world of Wunderkammer. Students study significant collections established by individuals as well as institutions. Key artists studied include Robyn Stacey, Rew Hanks and Louise Weaver. Students are taught foundation skills in printmaking, clay construction, drawing and cardboard construction so they can develop and make their own body of work (five pieces) that reflect this theme.

Year 10

SEMESTER 1 - Metamorphosis

Students explore this theme by studying the work on Salvator Dali. The artmaking skills taught include, etching onto plate, clay construction as well as tonal graphite drawing.

SEMESTER 2 - Appropriation

This unit of work explores the phenomenon of appropriation in artmaking, how and why it is applied. Artists practice that is analysed includes Andy Warhol, KAWS as well as Roy Lichtenstein. Students develop skills in stencil cutting, colour theory, composition as well as painting.

Year 11 Preliminary HSC and Year 12 HSC Course

The preliminary course focuses on content of practice, conceptual frameworks and the frames. This provides a platform for students to apply these skills to their HSC year.

The HSC course focuses on an interpretive investigation and relationships the of concepts learned in the preliminary course. Experimentation and refinement of material and conceptual practice through making and completion of case studies providing the criteria for school based and external examination.

The scope of what students can create includes 2D, 3D and 4D expressive forms.

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