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BHS - school operations in regards to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Monday, 16 March 2020.

Good Morning Parents, Carers and Community Members,

I trust this note finds you well and taking care of yourselves and family members. Please read below relevant information from the NSW Department of Education, as it relates to BHS School operations in regards to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

BHS is operating with classes as normal with a few adjustments outlined below. We continue to request that if your child presents with flu-like symptoms that you seek appropriate medical advice from their treating health practitioner.

Following instructions from the NSW Department of Education we will commence some social distancing measures such as cancelling assemblies and postponing excursions, major sporting and cultural events. We will also increase playground areas during breaks and monitor closely potential areas of overcrowding (canteen and bus lines, covered areas during wet weather). All These measures are precautionary, some designed to reduce exposure via non-essential gatherings. Our grounds are large enough to avoid overcrowding if the weather is fine.

Again I continue to stress to staff and students that the single best way to protect ourselves from the spread of any respiratory infection is to maintain good hygiene standards:

1. Practice regular, 20-second hand washing with soap and water.

2. Cough or sneeze into your elbow – or better still – a tissue (and dispose of it immediately)

3. If unwell consult with your doctor.

I will continue to post information as it is relayed to me from the NSW Department of Education.

Kind Regards

Tony Keevill | Relieving Principal

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