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HSC 2021

HSC Examination 2021 - Important Information for Year 12 Students

The following operating procedures will be enacted for the 2021 HSC Examinations at Belmont High School.

If a student is unwell:

·         Student and/or carer to contact the school on 0249450600 by 8:30am and advise the school directly of the circumstances as soon as possible- ideally prior to the start of the examination.

·         Student should attend a doctor and receive a medical certificate to support the NESA HSC Illness/Misadventure process.

·         If the student is unwell and has COVID symptoms they cannot return to the school site until a negative COVID test result has been obtained and submitted to the school for verification purposes.

·         Student does not attend for an examination- Student will be contacted individually via their mobile number registered with NESA and their parent/carer will be contacted via the mobile registered with the school.


The HSC examinations will be held in the school hall. Special provision exams will be held in B7, and the Senior Learning Hub (upstairs Library). The Music Aural examination (Wednesday 10th November 2:00pm) will be held in B2 main music cohort, B1, B3 for special provisions.

All locations will be deep cleaned prior to the first exam and cleaned between examinations.

Alternate Location:

In the case that BHS is shut down and unable to host an examination, Salvation Army Community Hall will be utilised as an alternative location. (360 Pacific Highway Belmont North). BHS will take full responsibility for the deep cleaning, setting up and breaking down of examination spaces should they be required.

Operating Procedures:

The school hall and special provision rooms will have signs indicating that an exam is in progress.

If an exam is in progress during a break (recess and lunch) staff will redirect students away from these areas, (school hall and special provision rooms).

As per NESA advice students are not to congregate prior to or after exams, and that extends to meeting with staff prior to or after exams. Students are not to attend the school until 20 minutes prior to their examination start time. These restrictions apply to all examinations for the duration of the exam period (9/11/21 to 3/12/21). Students who sit exams in the school hall should meet at the western side entrance to the hall near the school lift. Special provision students should report straight to their allocated room 20 minutes prior to their examinations.

Students should not move into the Quad area.

Personal Property: (in particular mobile phones)

Students are responsible for all personal property they bring on site. It is our preferred option that mobile phones are left at home or locked in cars. If you have your mobile phone in your bag, it must be turned off. All bags will be left in the foyer area of the hall. There will be no direct supervision of this area by exam supervisors or school staff. Leaving valuables in your bag is at your own risk.


Communication throughout the HSC period will be crucial to ensure all students, parents/carers, staff, DoE, NESA are kept fully informed of any changes or issues arising during the exams.

Communication in the instance of a shutdown will occur in the following ways:

·         Notification to students and families via the Facebook and Skoolbag App.

·         Students directly affected will be contacted individually via their mobile number registered with NESA and their parent/carer will be contacted via the mobile number registered with the school.

HSC Exam Safety - NSW Dept of Education general principles for health and safety during examinations.

HSC Exam Equipment List - NSW Dept of Education approved equipment list during HSC exams