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Stage 5 Subject Selections - Year 10 2024


Year 9 students will choose elective courses for Year 10 2024.

Elective subjects make valuable contributions to a young person’s education and social development.

At Belmont High School students’ study FOUR elective subjects.  Two subjects will be studied in Year 9 and two subjects in Year 10. 

When choosing their electives for 2023, students have several options:

Ø  Continue with their current TWO elective courses

Ø  Continue with ONE of their current electives and choose a new elective for Year 10

Ø  Choose TWO completely new electives

Stage 5 Semester Electives Booklet - Year 10 2024

Students will be requested to choose two (2) main preferences (in order) and two (2) reserve course preferences (in order) to assist in developing the year’s interest subjects. These are the subjects they wish to study in Year 10.

All subject selections are completed using an online form.

Should parents and students require additional information, they should seek advice from Faculty Head Teachers, Year Adviser, Miss Dunford or the Deputy Principal, Mr Allenby.