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School Bytes Online Payments - Communication to Parents

School Bytes Online

We are excited to announce our school will be transitioning to an upgraded School Bytes finance system on 7 March 2023!

In preparation for the transition to a simplified finance system for both you and the school, we will be required to implement a short payment lockout period where we will not be able to receive any online or EFTPOS payments.

What this means for you

• No payments can be made online or via EFTPOS from 4pm, Wednesday 1st March 2023.

• We will advise you when payments can resume closer to the above date

• Any existing payment links that have been sent to you previously in emails can still be used after the transition and will automatically redirect to the new system

• After the transition, a School Bytes portal will be available for you to register and begin using (Link:

• All previous payments made will be migrated to the new School Bytes finance system and portal

What is the School Bytes portal?

The School Bytes portal provides flexibility for you to conveniently:

• Make school payments online (including paying for multiple siblings at once)

• Use a family credit to pay for an activity or school contributions

• Download a receipt for payments made

• View all historical payments in one place

• Complete and submit digital permission notes

• View the status of all permission notes

• Request a refund if required This can be done where you want at any time: day or night.

Through the portal, you will easily be able to download a receipt once a payment has been made and have access to view all historical payments when needed.

Online payments are processed in real-time and can be viewed by school staff immediately. While our preference is for payments to be made via the portal, we will still accept payment via cash, cheque, money order and EFTPOS.